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The MSAS astronomy village

The MSAS astronomy village is located in Lake Arrowhead, California, USA and offers a large variety of programs for all those interested in the universe, the stars, planets, the moon and everything that surrounds our beautiful Earth. The Mountain Skies Astronomical Society was founded in 1999 and since then has expanded into having a planetarium, a library, a gift shop and most importantly the Robert Brownlee Observatory.

The MSAS astronomy village is located in Lake Arrowhead, California, USA and offers a large variety of

Explore space

The MSAS offers lectures about many topics, such as meteorites, the positions of the star and maps, information about our solar system, the moon, and also about basic astronomy and how to use a telescope. The programs are specially designed to suit children and adults and MSAS also offers special programs for teachers and students of astronomy. At the MSAS astronomy village, you can also find various types of tools for space exploration at the library, from books and scientific journals to solar filters and spectrometer kits, and they also offer resources for teachers. You can also explore space through the many tools and activities they provide, such as workshops, lectures, the meteorite collections, Solar beam projector, etc. – this is exactly the right place for everyone who wants to expand their outlook on the universe that surrounds us and who wants to be fascinated by the perfection of our Solar system and our galaxy.

Upcoming events

The upcoming lectures and demonstrations include: “Exploring the Known Universe”, “Comet tales”, “The Planets of our Solar System”, “Stars to Stardust”, “The Moon, our nearest neighbor” etc. The Star Gazer’s gift shop is open for visitors every Friday from 11 am to 2 pm and tickets for upcoming events are also sold there. For more information about upcoming events, programs, the exact location of the astronomy village and specific informations about the MSAS, please visit their website: mountain-skies.org

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