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The font used in Alien

And three other iconic Sci-Fi movies

There are plenty of sci-fi movies available nowadays, but they are nothing if you compare to the number of fonts circulating on the internet. There are several thousands of styles to choose from – from script fonts to graffiti fonts. From Blade Runner to 2001: A Space Odyssey, producers and filmmakers are always looking at the fonts and new design technologies to give new visions to the sci-fi film industry.

Iconic sci-fi fonts & where to find them

Designing titles are an exciting part of the expertise of graphical web design. A title’s typography, font, and styling play a major role in a design’s outcomes. Using inappropriate design can disappoint audiences in large numbers. In this article we will focus on sci-fi fonts, so set yourself ready and put on your seat belts as we will ride you through some of the best designs of space-age. Here is a list of fonts used in 4 iconic sci-fi movies and where to find them.

Cinematographers and filmmakers are investing a lot into font and design technologies. To attract and try to get the audience into the scene a suitable typeface and font is highly required in a sci-fi movie.


The poster of the film uses font Bourgeois Medium’, a geometric sans serif which is designed by Marcus Leis Allion and Jonathan Barnbro. There are 32 fonts in total for the bourgeois typeface. For more details please visit:

Font Martian

Alien: Covenant

This sci-fi film uses a grotesque sans serif as its poster. This typeface is very similar to Nimbus Sans and Helvetica Bold. For further details please visit:

Font Alien


Linotype Didot is the font used in the Interstellar logo which features in promotional images. Please login to for further details:

Font Interstellar

Blade Runner

It’s time to look at the design and typeface of Blade Runner, a science fiction based on Philip K. Dick’s novel. This film uses the font Gouldy Old Style which looks unique and stylish. For more information visit:

Font Blade Runner



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