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Boris the alien comet

It’s the second time ever that an interstellar celestial body has been observed in our own solar system. Astronomers can now confirm that it is a comet. It was a couple of years ago that the first time a similar event was observed in the solar system.

Amateur astronomer found the object

It was amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov, from Crimea, who found this comet now called C / 2019 Q4 or “Borisov”. This was announced by ESA in a press release. The path that the comet has gives clues that the object does not come from our own solar system.

300 million kilometers from the sun

The observations clearly show that Borisov moves through our solar system at a speed corresponding to 30 kilometers per second. Unfortunately, Borisov is so close to the sun that it is difficult to observe. It is not or very close, at its best it is about 300 million kilometers from the sun, which occurs sometime in December. Among other things, this reports ESA. There is a great interest in finding comets similar to Borisov and ESA plans to send one a vessel to make direct contact with comets in 2028. This will happen during a program called Comet Interceptor and the main goal is to visit objects similar to Borisov. You can follow the project on ESA’s Twitter updates to find out more about Borisov’s exploration.

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